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Music is God

I`m on your right side with a bag, and in the middle my friendgirl, anyway this is my banda!!! Victor Kern: Solo guitar Dmitri Yelkin: Bass guitar Davmatovich Vitalic: Drums Svetlanka Bratashevich: Piano Genia Komar: Vocal.

My name Victor Yurivich, and I`m from RUSSA. Welcome everybody!!!

I love music, like my own life. And I feel cool when I play the guitar with my banda, it`s like you makeing love with your girlfriend, you feel good right, I mean very good. So play the guitar or piano or something else, make your music, and feel good. Yes!!!

Welcome everybody, who love`s mussic and girls!!!

You know I love mussic of Yngwie Malmsteen and Neo-classical style and I think what it`s my life.

Musical Influences

  • Accept , Amorthis, Therion, Vanessa Mae,
  • Yngwie J. Malmsteen,
  • Michael Angelo, Borislav Mitic

Favorite Recordings

  • Sky rider Of Borislav Mitic, Ice9 of Joe Satriani, Echo of Joe Satriani
  • Trylogy Of Malmsteen, Midnight of Joe Satriani, Storm of Vanessa Mae, Fast as a shark of Accept,
  • Capris 5 Of Malmsteen, Always with me, always with you of Joe Satriani