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Steve Lindsay

Hi There

I am from Dundee in Scotland, and up until March 2002, I played guitar in blues-rock band Shinkicker for nearly ten years. I started playing guitar at 16 and gave up at 21 due to frustration with slow progress and finding practising a chore. I took up guitar again at the age of 31 when I formed Shinkicker as a one-off charity gig - we were still playing eight years later!

I took lessons for a couple of years with a super local guy called John Curran who showed me the way. This spurred me on and I have continued to practice since then. I am currently doing a little teaching from home and through Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. I am interested in developing a holistic approach to learning and teaching that draws on diverse influences such as psychology and business management.

Have Fun

The most important thing I have learned about how best to develop your playing is the importance of enjoying what you are doing. I missed out on guitar playing for just about the whole decade of my 20s because I wasn't enjoying it. I am 45 now and had an absolute ball playing in the same band for almost 10 years. I played gigs in front of 3 people and in front of 3000. The main thread has been that of enjoying what I have been doing and this has in turn motivated me to practice more, thereby continuously improving my playing.

I am not currently actively gigging but working on a CD of instrumental music which I hope to sell for charity.

Musical Influences

  • Electric Blues, i.e. Johnny Winter, Walter Trout, Robben Ford, Gary Moore
  • Acoustic Blues & Rags, i.e. Rev. Gary Davis, Stefan Grossman, Leo Kottke, Preston Reed
  • Rock & Fusion, i.e. Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Jan Akkerman

Favorite Recordings

  • Robben Ford - Talk To Your Daughter
  • Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Live
  • Corrado Rusticci, guitar on The Dance Of Life by Narada Michael Walden