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You can do anything in middle age.

A little history--

After a lengthy sabbatical (20 years) I started playing guitar about 2 years ago. I play in our praise band in church. Otherwise I'm working on learning jazz fingerstyle. I have a Tacoma ECM 10. Since this posting I've added a Tacoma DR8 Roadking to the mix. 10/01/2002 my main guitar is now a Taylor 414 LOTF.

Musical Influences

  • Electric - The usual guitar gods. (I include Alex Lifeson)
  • Acoustic - Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Phil Keaggy, Liona Boyd
  • Misc - Miles Davis, Aaron Copeland, Frank Zappa

Favorite Recordings

  • Changes from time to time. I am relentlessly listening to Pat Metheny.