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The Zen Guitar Apprentice

B Natural To C#

My name is Paul and I started to get serious about playing the guitar in 1995. Before that I dabbled in classical guitar lessons for a short time while in college...that got me hooked and I pledged to return to guitar playing when I had more free time to commit to it. I did not major in music in college because I did not particularly care to sell cars for a living so I double majored in chemistry and biology instead. So now I play on an Epiphone PR200D acoustic and in 1998 acquired an Epiphone Sheraton II archtop electric coupled with a Fender Blues Jr. amp.

Fine Tuning

Currently, I am learning to play the blues and discovering some of the wonderful things that can be done with the minor 7/11 pentatonic scale.

Musical Influences

  • James Taylor
  • Mark Knoepfler
  • Jimmy Page

Favorite Recordings

  • Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"
  • Brian Setzer Orchestra.."The Dirty Boogie"
  • Miles Davis.... "Kind of Blue"