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This is my home page. It needs an update.

Generation Jones

I was born a long time ago, back when people listened to music on vinyl records.

Actually, I'm part of a generation that never quite made a name for itself. Too young to be boomers, to old to be X'ers. I once heard us referred to on NPR as Generation Jones. I like that name. It sounds cool, and I am jonesing to play guitar.

Middle Age

I started playing guitar at or about middle age. It's way fun, even at the beginner level. I like to play some of the classic rock tunes, and some new songs, too.

Musical Influences

  • Edwin McCain
  • John Mellencamp
  • Peter Frampton

Favorite Recordings

  • McCain / Messenger
  • Mellancamp / Scarecrow
  • Frampton Comes Alive