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yup, this is my page.

Hello, My name is Albert. Well, it's been almost two years now with the guitar, and wholenotes been with me the whole time. thanks to Wholenote I can play almost all Metallica songs and I have recorded some good stuff through my line six POD. thanks wholenote.

My Intrests.

I have many hobbies that I still practice. Just to name a few: Guitar playing, Salt Water Fishing, Practicing Martial Arts, Collecting Sports Memorabillia, etc. . . . My Favorite bands are Metallica, Pearl Jam, Tool, System of a down, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, and Pantera

Musical Influences

  • Kirk Hammet, Jimi Hendrix, B.B King,
  • Dimebag Darrel, Slash, Buddy guy
  • Charlie Christian, Adam Jones, Tony Rombala

Favorite Recordings

  • Metallica : And Justice For All, S & M
  • Pearl Jam : Ten, Vitalogy, No Code
  • Radiohead: Ok Computer, Kid A