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Hello, welcome to my page.

About Me,

I enjoy all forms of music. I play trumpet, bass, in addition to playing guitar. I'm a fan of all music, but very particular about some genres. I am a closet musician using an ibanez gax70 and Jay Turser JT-LT Tele copy, into boss sd-1 super overdrive, crybaby, dano fab tone, and boss ch-1 super chorus, into a vox pathfinder 15 watt practice amp.

Never count out 'beginner/student' instruments. Miles Davis performed and recorded on a 'beginner/student' flugelhorn.

Musical Influences

  • Everyone
  • You've ever
  • Heard of.

Favorite Recordings

  • Johnny B. Goode, Look at Little Sister, Voodoo Chile
  • Devil Went Down to Georgia, The Nervous Breakdown (brad paisley)
  • Crazy Train, Bad Horsie