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Jody Fisher

A Short Bio

The last few years have been very busy. While my performing schedule continues at a steady pace, two other important developments came into my life. One is my association with the National Guitar Workshop. In the early 90's I was hired as a teacher for their San Rafael campus in Northern California. Not only has the Workshop been a wonderful addition to my career, I have also made many life long friends in addition to working with some of the world's finest guitar players. The NGW has grown to 9 campuses world wide at last count. They include: Connecticut, Toronto, Seattle, Nashville, Austin, Orlando, Southern CA., Northern CA. and Freiburg, Germany. I direct or co-direct a few of the campuses and I conduct seminars at others. I generally travel all summer long.

My association with the NGW also led to my work as an author. Over the last few years, I have written 14 books, one video, and hosted two other videos with Tal Farlow and John Abercrombie. During the later 90's, I became a regular contributor to Guitar Player Magazine.

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