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Guitarist Welcome!

BB King, The man who can put more emotions in one note than many players playing the whole song!!

Thanks for checking this out!

I have been a fingerstyle accoustic player for 6 year. But also, a Electric Blues Enthusiast.. Now starting with my first electric guitar ever.. with a pick..(I never play with a pick before!) Exploring a totally New arena of guitar.. find it very interesting and enjoyable.. but with tons of questions...!!??!!

Accoustic guitar + Vintage guitar = Art

I am a Vintage stuff lover.. Vintage guitar with Vintage looks, Vintage tones. And also a collector of coins,...etc. Owns three guitars now, a 1968 Martin D28; a 00028EC and most recently a 1967 Gibson ES335.... Loved them all in different ways... And still having fun with all and each of them.

I work as a Webmaster in Hong Kong. Enjoy AV Home Theatre, watching soccer matches...But often doing the above with a guitar holding on hand...

Nice meeting you here!

Musical Influences

  • BB King, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Johnson,
  • Eagles, Pink Floyd,
  • Paul Simon, Don Mclean

Favorite Recordings

  • G3 Live, Pink Floyd(Dark side of the moon)
  • Voodoo Child, Little Wing of Hendrix, Eagles(Hell Freezes over)
  • Eric Clapton Unplugged, All BB Kings, Paul Simon Graceland