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Welcome fellow ax-swingers

Hi, my name is Joel Crawford. I'm seventeen years old and have been playing guitar since i was 14 years old (and loving every minute of it). I hope to be bangin my head until my final day.

My influences and reasons for playing

When i was eight years old my Grandpa bought me a miniature acoustic. (he played bluegrass) and was teaching me how to play. but then the unthinkable happened...he passed on. so i gave it up. But when i was 14 my parents bought me a full sized guitar and i've been bangin since then.

Musical Tastes- I Love Heavy Metal. I'm a headbanger at heart. my grandpa would look down and say "cotton-pickin kid's playin that crap". Bluegrass and country & western are big on me also. Jazz is fun to listen to and classical also if you want a jaw-dropper. And i HATE rap as all of you do, I hope.

Musical Influences

  • My grandpa...R.I.P
  • Metallica...can you not say that these guys are awesome!!!
  • Jimmy Page- the name speaks for itself

Favorite Recordings

  • Led Zeppelin-untitled
  • Metallica- Ride the lightning
  • Ozzy Osbourne-the ozzman cometh