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I Am A Guitarist And Prayer.

Music is the worldwide language, I love blues. My guitars: Gibson SG 3pickup *Epiphone lespaul Black Beauty *Gibson Explorer BLK *Dean V *Esteve Clasic *Squier Korean (color looks like hendrix fender white) *and Squier SUPER SONIC vista series 'made in japan' it's collectable guitar .. IF You Don't know about this guitar search it. it was made on a inspiration of Jimmy Hendrix playing a ''fender jaguar'' Upside down!

I Am Christian Guy

All the world need is true love and musiC

Musical Influences

  • SRV
  • Hendrix
  • Mayer

Favorite Recordings

  • Stevie ray vaughan and double trouble live from Austin TEXASS
  • All crossroads
  • Woodstock