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Blues/Bluegrass/Fingerpick/Flatpick..what to do

So much to play

I started on a Harmony Acoustic I traded for some hiking boots. I caught the fever of playing but it was a pretty frustrating guitar to learn on so I bought a Standard Strat at a pawn shop on a whim. Probably the best $140 I ever spent. My guitar skills increased quickly from there because it is so much more fun to play. After getting a little caught up with the guitar itself, I put new pickups, pots, saddles, tuning machines, pickgaurd and switch into it, I realized how cool guitars are and fun they are to work on. It plays and sounds much better and is customized to my liking. Then I was committed. I bought another acoustic, this time a Seagull which is what I play mostly now. I like everything from Neil to Big Head Todd to Jimi to Jerry to PJ to Ben to Radiohead, the Allmans and Mould. I gravitate toward blues and rock and have been trying to get a handle on some Bluegrass. My gear: Standard strat with vintage noiseless pickups, schaller locking tuners, graph-tec nut and saddles. Seagull S6+CW Reverend Hellhound 40/60 combo VOX Wah, TS-9 tubescreamer, Dano-compressor.


If you would like to exchange some experiences or ideas, drop me a line. If you live in Juneau and would like to jam, let me know.

Musical Influences

  • Stevie, Duane and Dickey
  • Jimi, Neil
  • Todd Park Mohr

Favorite Recordings

  • Garcia and Grisman - The Thrill is Gone
  • Big Head Todd - Midnight Radio
  • Allman Brothers - Filmore East Concerts