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Hi Eveyone?From the Warrior

Hey eveyone whats up?This is Ross(aka the Warrior)I'm from the DC/MD area.I 've been playing guitar for sometime. (It's a long story to tell lol).I've been on this site alot of times,but now here to share what I know and willing to learn from you all.If like to know more about me you email me at anytime ;-)

Warrior Influences and Music taste

My influences are Jimi Hendrix,Jimmy Page,Eric clapton,Jeck Beck,Eddie Van Halen,B.B. King,Malmsteen,and more.I love music such like Blues,Country, Rock,POP,Classical,Jazz,Hard Rock/Metal ,Gospel,Reggae and more.

Musical Influences

  • Hendrix
  • Malmsteen
  • Eddie Van Halen

Favorite Recordings

  • All of Hendrix music
  • Killswitch Enaged-The end of Heartache
  • Malmsteen-Black Star