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I love the SSL console! If I could, I'd marry it....but don't tell my guitar that.

I like it fast...

Been playing for 20+ yrs. Predominantly a metal and classical guitarist, but I do enjoy and appreciate other styles. I like playing fast (licks, solos, arpeggio progressions, rhythms, etc...) but I'll also play more down tempo, especially when practicing. I've played in bands, have managed and done pre-production for them and also am a audio engineer with a degree of science in audio production. I really enjoy studio sessions more than performing live although it does instill a certain rush. I just like being in the studio capturing it and making the magic happen. So there you have it. You know about my biggest addictions.... guitar, recording and music in general. Wanna know more?...Axe me! Have a great day!

Musical Influences

  • Marty Friedman
  • Jason Becker
  • Yngwie Malmsteen