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You are not forgotten. A fallen hero, a fallen friend.

Band members...

Hello everyone just wishing everyone happy playing and that everything is going well. I am still looking for Charleston (SC) located metal players for members of my band. Please email if your interested, I can give you further details through that avenue. Also, if you know anyone looking around please feel free to give my email to someone you know is trying to find people of the same genre, just make sure anyone who emails me puts in the subject line that they are looking for bands members/membership to keep my from deleting it as spam. Thanks to everyone and happy playing!

Musical Influences

  • Arch Enemy
  • "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abott (R.I.P.)
  • As I Lay Dying

Favorite Recordings

  • My Apocolypse
  • Lamb of God
  • Nothing Left