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I'm Rhys. I'm Welsh, but since 1990 I've Lived on the French Riviera. When I was 6 years old my father bought a piano and sent me for lessons. I'm glad he did because it gave me a good foundation in musical theory. At the age of 9 my grandfather gave me an old Italian violin, so I immediately took it up and became quite accomplished. A while later, a friend lent me a guitar and thanks to my previous musical knowledge, it didn't take me long to learn to play. Having said that; I'm still learning. I like to play the Blues, but most of all I like to play Rock 'n' Roll.

False Rock/pop Continuum

Rock is my favourite kind of music but I'm not keen on Pop. Since there isn't a definite demarcation between Rock and Pop, they tend to be lumped together as if they're the same. This is unfortunate.

Musical Influences

  • Chuck Berry
  • Carl Perkins
  • John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson

Favorite Recordings

  • From The Cradle - Eric Clapton
  • Blues - Jimi Hendrix
  • Anything by Chuck Berry