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Dawn of the Shred

Better than sex.....

"When the going gets wierd the wierd turn pro."

I am having technical difficulties with Adobe Shockwave right now, but I should have all of this up and running soon. In the mean time there will be reviews on equipment and articles on bands to check out... Be patient, I will have lessons and tab up very soon........... Soon... This page will not be dedicated to any particular style of music. It will most likely be an odd mix of classical, metal and whatever else pops into my skull. That is my disclaimer... You have been warned.

What this page is for.....

This page is for anyone looking for good lessons, exercises, partial song tab or just want something to do instead of doing the dishes, cleaning up dog s--- from the back yard or listening to their girlfriend who hates the guitar and can't understand why you spent a bill on a guitar pedal but won't take her out to a place that contains the words "French", "Fine Dining" and "Cuisine". This page also eliminates my more than slightly annoying chore of Re-mailing the same lesson to thirty different people all over the globe. and that is that... I hope someone derives some sort of inspiration from this site.

Musical Influences

  • Jason Becker (Cacophany)
  • Paul Gilbert (Racer X..., Mr Big)
  • Muhammed Suicmez (Necrophagist)

Favorite Recordings

  • The Art of Motion (Andy Mckee)
  • Give me your soul..., please (King Diamond)
  • Cielo e Terra (Al Di Meola)