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The girl...

My life

I am of mainly oriental herritage and my native language is chinese. I"m fluent in cantonese, mandarin and taiwanese. I dropped out of chinese school long time ago. It's the biggest waste of time ever. I can't even learn anything in that madhouse!I'm a vegetarian trying going vegan, I don't care how much you love eating meat or using animal products. I only care about my own lifestyle, and I won't tell you how to live.

Whats with me and metal?

My main love is metal, what else can I say? Don't like? Not my problem, nobody says you must like everything. I have problems with my family and have been for ages. I tend to have problems with people so easily. Life is abuseive for me for as long as I remember. Which is why I enjoy heavy metal so much especially scandanavian black metal and European death metal. What better way to express your rage, anger, and thirst for destruction without acually hurting anyone. Well I probably have hurt someone before, but I just probably wasn't aware of it anyways. I've just been hurt too many times.

Musical Influences

  • Jazz (yes really!)
  • 80's metal
  • anything except rap, hiphop, pop, techno, etc

Favorite Recordings

  • Alias - In flames
  • Edgecrusher - Fear Factory
  • Hangar 18 - Megadeth