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Responsiblity Overcomes


The Quest For Tone

Hello!! im THE GERM. ive been playing for 33 yrs. heavy metal style (80's prefer) but anything w a good melody is quite acceptable.

The Machines

1) Peavey Nitro I factory active single hum replaced w EMG 85, lefty tracer neck.

2) Peavey Nitro I factory active, single hum, lefty tracer neck.

3) Peavey Tracer h-s with kahler Spyder, maple neck.

4) Peavey Generation mahogany body with maple cap, lefty tracer neck, EMG 81


2 - Tone Shop High Gain 18.5 with effects loop and switchable boost

1 - Tone Shop DJ 18.5 (clean amp w some distortion surprises)

1 - Tone Shop 5U50 Rackmount 2 channel 50w 6L6. effects loop and solo boost

1 - Tone Shop Reference Fire Preamp 1U

1 - Tone Shop 3 Channel Billet Aluminum Preamp 1U

1 - Tone Shop 1U 12A6 15w cathode biased

1 - Tone Shop Box, single 8" combo. SCREAMS


1 - Boss BR864

2 - BBE Sonic Stomp

3 - BBE Stinger

4- TC Electronics digital delay


My MP3 are available at

Musical Influences

  • George lynch GOD!!!!!
  • Metallica
  • Steve vai and his peers

Favorite Recordings

  • In my dreams dokken, this is the song that made want to play lead guitar
  • Master of puppets duh!!!
  • Race for Humanity - Jim Morris here in detroit