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well i am 19 and have been playing the guitar for about 6 years. i have played in 4 different bands. i have experience playing and writing metal, rock, punk, and even blues. i am currently playing in a metal band and we are very serious about our music and almost finished with our first demo.


i'll tell ya why. when i was in sixth grade i started reading tablature. i asked my guitar buddy were he finds all of his tabs and he gave me a couple websites, wholenote was one of them. i decided to join and set up a home page, one that i am updating right now, but this site is very beneficial to musicians growing, learning, and developing a certain style. it's helped me down the road and that's why im here.

Musical Influences

  • a perfect circle, tool, metallica, cannibal corpes, acdc, pinkfloyd, and i could go on until your eyes start to bleed.