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Kramer player

Hey fellow guitarists, I am Erik, I'm 14, and unlike most of the other kids in my school I love to compose my own music and record it in my room which is like a very small studio. I like to play blues, jazz, and especially 80's rock such as poison, whitesnake, winger, etc... I am also a huge kramer player.

My Gear

My favorite guitar manufacturer is Kramer guitars and because they are somewhat rare because kramer went out of business around 20 years ago I consider myself a collector. Out of my five guitars three of them are kramers. I have two kramer pacers (custom 1) from '86 and '87 and a kramer striker which was my first guitar.My dad also has a mint condition kramer pacer custom 1 with the tags still on it and a kramer showster I also have a beautiful Gianini acoustic from '74 and a behringer electric guitar. I have a peavey envoy transistor amp and a small 15 watt behringer amp. I also have digitech Gnx3 guitar processor and an 150 watt peavey mp5 mixer which is the latest of my equipment that I needed because I recently bought an electro voice mic for recording purposes. In my recording I use a program called crystal audio which is a excellent for a free software. I also have appelton live 7 but I need to update my computer's memory and proscessor to use that.

Kramer Pacer Custom 1 '87 (trans red), Kramer Pacer Custom 1 '86 (Flip flop blue), Gianinni Acoustic Classical '74, Kramer Striker 300, Behringer Guitar, Peavey Envoy 110, Peavey Mp5 powered Mixer, M-Audio Delta 66, Electro Voice CO9 Mic,

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dan Huff, Gary Hoey, Reb Beach, Adrian Vandenburg, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Joe Satrini

Favorite Recordings

  • Ozzy Osbourne- Mr. Crowley
  • Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover
  • Ratt- Round and Round