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Hello Everybody!

My name is Kyle, and I am a beginner guitarist. I play other stringed instruments too, so I figured, "What the heck, I'll pick up guitar." I started basically teaching myself how to play (Thank God for the internet.)

Musical Influences

  • Everything Rock! From Eric Johnson, Slash, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Eddie Van Halen (all my idols), to The Scorpians...
  • Deep Purple, Dragonforce, Black Sabbath, Foghat, Nirvana, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Cream. 3 Doors Down, Led Zep...
  • What's the use, I could go on forever.

Favorite Recordings

  • Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns n Roses- A classic
  • Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson- An excellent song
  • Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpians- Just an amazing song