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I love music, all of it.

Yo! S'all me here.

Hi guys, thought I'd join the otherside too for fun. I've been kicking around ActiveBass for 6 years, going by different names as I've forgotten them LOL!

As my title says, I love music and that means everything. I have preferences but I'll always give someone a listen. Hell, I love metal but recently I've had an urge to play country...Maybe it;s listening to John 5 I dunno, but I like the pure country stuff too...jus not the vox LOL! I only like the guitar.

So I've been playing bass for 6 years but I got bored of only backing and not being able to tell stories, which is what musics all about right? I'm a storyteller not a backer, so I picked up guitar again and I plan to learn it properly in many ways both clean and distorted...styles I'll see but I just like to tell stories, not genres. That's something humans made up to make categorising easier, and we do that too much. :)

Not really sure what I'm into these days as genre as were on that topic. Heavy music is in my vains in terms of #1 preference but it has to be good. I'm not into Death Metal nor do I like bands like Judas Priest much, although I was brought up on bands like that...but then again I always prefered Iron Maiden.
Heavy bands I like are Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Mudvayne (think LD 50 era)) etc etc I can always listen to these.

I like a solid groove to go along with, I guess that's why i love Fear Factory. Maybe that's the bassist in me. Even Meshuggah, for thier odd time signatures, have a solid groove that doesn't chop too much.
I also love virtuoso players of many. Here I have posted guitarists but I have bassists I like too such as Les Claypool and Victor Wooten mainly, there are many others.

All in all, there is much music out there and I am finding that out. Summer is coming and that's always a great time for music as you can go out and about. I plan to play guitar at Old John in Bradgate Park, google search that one. :) SO in the meantime I have long enough to get better. I'm not a beginner in temrs of knowledge and even skill but I still have a lot to learn. :)

So, I play the natural way.

Jus like both of my Grandad's, I play by ear. I studied music for 3 years and got the highest grade (distinction) in music theory but since leaving it's gone somewhat.
I don'l like maths in music too much, I play from the heart. Of course, I wish to re-learn some to give myself some more expansion and add a switch so I can turn it off too. :)

Speaking to my Grandad today (09/02/2008 [UK format]) it seems I'm so like him: I can know theory but I know what I wanna play so why do I need to?

I wish to take guitar to the level of my bass playing and beyond. My bass playing has become so obscure I don't feel I'll go anywhere with it, but rather it will be an awesome tool alongside guitar. I just feel as if the fretboard fits so well to my hands, that it didn't 3 years ago is odd...maybe it's my brain that's done it. That's it for now. Back to browsing, I'll add to this as needed.

Live life and music with fun people. Music is natural, not man-made. Remember that as you play your next chord / passage.

Musical Influences

  • Joe Satriani
  • John 5
  • Tom Morello

Favorite Recordings

  • The Devil Knows My Name
  • Not of this World
  • The Battle of Los Angeles