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Wayfarer Seasoning On The Grill Of Life

Turn Me Over, If I'm Burning On One Side

Hello, friends. I'm a middle-aged picker just realizing that I'll never be up on stage melting frets and twisting minds like my idols. I'm just a hobbyist with a family to tend to. There is one redemption though. My teenaged son, surrounded by soul-sapping, non-musical influences, has become addicted to his guitars. OK. He's a little hung up on metal, but that's a start. I believe that I've created another axe-slinging lifer, my friends, and that is gratifying.

Where Is This Track Heading?

I'm trying not to panic, compadres, but all of this change in the music industry lately has taken my breath away. The mammoth music recording and distribution industry is crumbling before our eyes. Guitarists and their fellow musicians are scrambling to self-promote their music in the resulting void. I grew up in the golden age of classic rock in the mid-60's to early 70's, as well as the transformation of jazz led by Miles. My age group is desperately propping a revivalist tendency in the concert and recording industry to relive those days. But now, we are poised on the edge of some new dimension in musical evolution. The art form ain't going away, obviously due to our psychic need for it, but where is the evolutionary progression? MANY fewer kids are playing instruments these days. They often express only an interest in mixing beats or just grooving to them, instead of PLAYING them. Not a good sign, soldiers. The Internet must hold hope as the driver toward our continuing musical evolution, providing a forum for the exchange of musical ideas, education, and listening pleasure to soothe our growing pains as evolving creatures trying to harmonize with the harmonics of a little ball spinning in space.

Musical Influences

  • It all starts from the drum, bone pipes, gut strings on dried gourds.
  • Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Skip James, Sabicas, Buchanan, Gatton, Walsh, Gibbons, de Lucia
  • Miles Davis, Scofield, Frisell, Holdsworth, Beck, Page, Clapton, DeJohnette, Bream, Towner

Favorite Recordings

  • Mysterious Traveller (Weather Report); Feats Don't Fail Me Now (Little Feat);
  • Gentle Giant(Glass House);Yes(Close to the Edge);Birds of Fire(Mahavishnu Orch.)
  • Jack Johnson Sessions(Miles Davis); Electric Ladyland(Hendrix)