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Led Finger A.K.A. Chicken Picker

Early interests and other guitar stories

Welcome. I'm Jim. This is my home page and story. It was the Beatles, the Stones, the Yard Birds, E.C. and Jimi that got me interested in guitar. As soon as I got a guitar tho I started learning Peter, Paul and Mary, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake, Willie Brown and other delta blues greats. You see my brother the real "BIG BEEF" started before me and he got me into the acoustic blues. I was weened on Stephen Grossman books of delta blues. Fifteen years later I finally got my first electric and I've been playing it for ten years. It's been a long journey.

Musical Influences

  • John Hurt , Blind Blake
  • Ry cooder , Mark Knopfler
  • Doc Watson , Keith Richards ,Neil Young

Favorite Recordings

  • Gimme Shelter, Electric Ladyland
  • Highway 61 Revisited
  • The Captain and Me