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Flipsmusic Studios LLC

Professional Recording Studio

Interested in Recording a Demo? Worried about how expensive it's going to be? Well don't worry.. Here at Flipsmusic Studios LLC our main goal is to give you that LARGER than life sound without making you go bankrupt. Our prices are the LOWEST in the industry. We believe in giving you more bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. Our engineer/producer has over 22 years in the business and knows how to get it right. Mastering services are also available. If you are not happy with a previous recording or just want to sing over Karaoke music, give Phil a call at 732-330-3400 for bookings and more details.

Rehearsal Studio Space Available

Large, brand new, and absolutely clean Rehearsal Studio with Ampeg and Marshall half stacks, a great sounding PA for Vocals and Bass, and a 6 piece house kit. Call Phil at 732-330-3400 for details