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Doom Slag

Snowmen From Hell

Growing up in the Slums is hard work, especially when you dont have an Axe to fend off Beasts and Giant Mutant Ninjas! But hey, you learn a little after a while and realise that these Giants are never gonna stop launching their 50ft Shurikens at you, so maybe its about time to pick up that 6 stringed hunk of wood and put it to some good use! It's time fight back!

There's a whole bunch of fighting styles you can use to bring down these Obese Penguin Lords and send them 6ft under, but first you need to train up. You can stick to one specific way of kicking a-- or you can learn various combinations and mix up a few styles!

An Inferno of Gnomes

Right, so personally I like to take influence from a wide array of sources, ranging from music I listen to frequently like Punk and Ska and Metal and other genres of music I dont listen to that much at all such as Jazz, Blues or Soul. It's not just the guitar parts I listen to either! A melody on a saxophone or trumpet could drive you to come up with a brilliant chord progression, the drums on another track could re-define the rhythym of a riff you wrote, but were struggling to fit into anything else. Music is just a gert big puzzle and its up to you and other band members to sledge hammer all those tiny pieces of inspiration into a fiery mass of dancing elves!

So even though the job is mainly down to you, it never hurts to have a bit of a helping hand and that's why you're here. So hopefully you'll find my lessons useful and if not, then I'm sure the concept of an Inferno of Gnomes was slightly amusing.

Musical Influences

  • Leftover Crack
  • The World/Inferno Friendship Society
  • System Of A Down