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Here I is.

Hello! I'm Chris. But then, you've probably guessed that already, being on my homepage and all. I'm pretty new to this guitar thingee. I'm 27, and just picked it up for the first time in May of last year. I've been at it pretty hardcore since then, though, and things are coming along nicely, in my opinion, having never had _ANY_ musical training before in my life. I'm self-taught, but I do have an extremely helpful instructor/teacher. Almost as importantly, I've got Wholenote! Thanks to everyone who's ever put content up here, and to everyone who helps maintain the incredibly high signal to noise ratio on this site. Just watching the traffic go by on here has taught me more about guitars in the last 6 months than I could have ever imagined. I can't read yet, (well, notes, anyhow) and so I hobble along using TAB 'till my ear is functional and my fingers are fast enough to make use of them. It gets a little better every day.

but wait, there's more.....

My equipment: (ya gotta have gear!) Guitars: '00 Mexi-strat that sounds as sweet as any American I've ever heard. Ibanez RG-470. I play it more than my Strat these days... And an Ovation shallow body acoustic. Yamaha DTXpress drum kit Boss DR-770 drum machine Sennheiser e835s mic all into Tascam Porta 04 4 track acting as mixer/preamp for SoundBlaster Live and Cakewalk Amps: 30 watt solid state Marshall MG30RCD my POD 2.0

Line 6 AX212 also goes to the 4 track

90% of the time, my POD's set to model a JTM-45 Marshall head, and I rarely ever change it, except to switch over to the Boogie to wail on something like Blink 182. There's a lotta amps in that POD, and you have to get used to using each one like you just ran down to guitar center and got a new amp.

POD rules. Same goes for the AX212. except I like the boogie better out of the Ax212... :)

Musical Influences

  • Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam
  • Suicidal Tendencies, Guns n' Roses, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters,
  • Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Soul Coughing, and Metallica before they sided with the comercial interests of the record companies.

Favorite Recordings

  • Pearl Jam - Ten
  • Guns and Roses - Appetite
  • Stone Temple Pilots - Core

Favorite Lessons