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Mongoose Shred

Welcome to jam with the "Goose"

I started playing a year ago and love every minute of it. The greatest feeling in the world is when you nail down that lick thats been impossible in the past. I wish to excel at a more technical approach to the guitar. I love players such as Satch, and Vai.


With the explosion of comeback bands as of late, I must admit that I am in metal heaven. With all my favorite bands jumping back onto the tour scene, the next few years will definetly be a collage of old with new, bringing some of the greatest licks and riffs to a younger generation and hopefully instilling some of the hard work and inspiration into a younger guitar generation.

Musical Influences

  • C.C. Deville
  • Joe Satriani
  • James Hetfield

Favorite Recordings

  • Always with me, Always with you
  • Kickstart my heart
  • Nothin' but a good time