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Behind The Sirens

Hello and welcome!

Hello i'm Cody Chapman and am the guitarist for the band, "Behind The Sirens".


Here is some of my history, OH! and don't forget to check them out on myspace, purevolume and musichypeonline! BIO TIME:I grew up in Sutter, hung out with my friends and skated a lot. It's funny because one day me and my group of friends Jon, Zach, and Devin just said,"let's have a band!" so that's what started that. We, for the longest time, like until 5th grade (we started in 4th) didn't have a band name, but one day Jon runs up and says, "Hey Guys! Erik let us have his old band name, Ball Point Pen!" We liked it but weren't sure because it's not every day a band just gives you their name so we were like, "What's his new name?" And it turned out that his brother's new band name was, "Too Close For Comfort" pretty sweet huh? Any way, my musical career started in the 4th grade I played in the Class Band, and in 5th grade I was in the School Band, but I didn't get a guitar until about 2004 and about a year later I thought up NOOKE. After that we went through The Year Without Summer but that band broke-up and we carried on with Tissues For Tough Guys, Fists To Faults, Sweep Up Your Problems, Vacuum Up Your Worries, Last In Line, As Clouds Roll In, Electric Tripwire, Tear Down Your Idols, Michael came up with Abandoned while he was in NOOKE and finally I thought up Behind The Sirens. That was the 1st band I put effort into and then later I thought up Florida In Flames leaving us where we're at right now. In BTS I Finalized 12 instrumental songs and wrote 4 and gave 1 to FIF. And FIF just started working on getting the group together and making our song, "MY FLORIDA" And that about sums up the band story. I play alot of rock and punk and metal because alot of times it has good soloing or good riffs. Metal is what i'd say i'm best at though; I like to make blues and finger tap solos distorted and add alot of sliding and bending to make it sound metalish, I like to call it, "Metalic blues." I work on songs constant and am pretty good for a 13 year old.

Musical Influences

  • Sam Totman
  • Herman Li
  • Randy Rhoads