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FINALLY ! ! it TOOK me long enough!~

yeah, i beat acoustic drums too! ! ! check out a nokomis beach drum circle....

yes, i'm still pickin and grinnin more than ever!

Hey world! once in a while, we live long enough to learn to do something really well..... and make ourselves and our audiences trul;y enjoy what it is we do as guitarist/es and i'm SO glad to be alive now and playing as much as i want to. of course the pay is not commensurate with the level of proficiency but such has always been the case!

phinding phun in phlorida...

so, i found a community of jammin dudes and dudettes in the central gulf coast region of this paradise! once a week, we gather to make music in numbers ranging from a handful to a houseful and the neat thing is.....this group has been in constant existence for nearly 30 years!!!!! i was worried about retiring early on a small fixed income but it doesnt take much money to make music..... and i'm taking full advantage of the time i have to make smiles appear and other musicians exalt in what the sounds of many can become when one goal is what we're playing for.... great tunes, great times and a world filled with peace, love and light.... NO WAR! ! sing and pick for PEACE!

Musical Influences

  • Joe Pass, chet atkins, les paul, charlie christian
  • oh, God... there isnt enough room in a newspaper
  • to list them all............

Favorite Recordings

  • Ed Gerhard, night birds
  • joe pass... oh, anything he plays is great
  • al dimeola...... ditto