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The Search

Creative Logic

The quest to know more never ends and In between human contact and work, finding time to practice is hard to come by. but in the end I enjoy the music when I can zone out and be in a spacial and structured state of mind.

The Right Tools For The Right Job

I've enjoyed playing twice as much when I got my first good guitar. The sound rings so much better like comparing a tube amp to solid state. You can play music on anything but a cheap guitar will always sound dull. I bought a used Fender Strat from my old boss, Vintage Slot Tuners, V-shape Solid Maple Neck, Mary Kaye Paint (no gold hardware) on Ash Body, and Texas Special coils, also has an anodized gold pick guard, a mahoganye block holding the tremelo solid. I'll probably never need another guitar.

Musical Influences

  • Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin
  • Beatles & Stones
  • Sublime & and Various Metal & Punk

Favorite Recordings

  • All Along the Watchtower - jimi or bob
  • Time - pink floyd
  • Burritos - sublime