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Rob Bee

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Me concentrating

This is me

I'm 34 and have played guitar for 26 years or so (although you wouldn't guess it). I'm currently playing in an acoustic(ish) trio called cast of thousands where I play lead stuff on acoustic or electric and sometimes bass.

I'm also a professional sound engineer. I'm currently head of production at one of the UK's leading voice production studios -Clocktower Creative

My gear list

fender strat & fender Jag electrics

digitech RP10 effects processor

fender blues junior amp

hohner professional JJ bass

Taylor 110-E electro acoustic guitar

Musical Influences

  • The Pixies
  • Peter Green
  • Jimmy Page

Favorite Recordings

  • PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me
  • Deep Purple - Child in time (live in Japan)
  • The Smiths - Asleep