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Greetings I'm Ray, Welcome to my page. I am really here to learn, but I have been playing bass forever and have backed up many fine guitarist over the years and they have contributed to my playing greatly. I also am a big fan of Steely Dan, & that being Walter Becker has greatly inspired me to tackle guitar also. That being I have somewhat of a grasp of both instruments and hope to also share what I know as well. Here's something that really helped me

just cut and paste address Best Regards Ray


All Chords Are Built On 3rd's

So Start on the root note of a scale and count 1,2 the 2nd note a 2nd then 1,2,3 the 3rd a 3rd. For example in the key of C Major C,E,G is your chord, and so on...

Musical Influences

  • Walter Becker, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour
  • SRV, Hendrix,Eddie Van Halen, Scott Henderson
  • Tony Iomi, Nuno B.

Favorite Recordings

  • Zepplin Box Sets, Steely Dan Aja, Donald Fagan Night Flight
  • Pink Floyd Animals, SRV Couldn't Stand The Weather
  • Van Halen 1-1984