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Arch Nemesis

The Story

So yeah, this is me. Just another musican, anyways... i've been playing for about 5 years (E.Guitar). I grew up listening to Conrad Simon, a guitar viturous, which belive it or not but i learned guitar from his nephew and best friend. Anyways make a long story short, making music never really interested me until i saw a viturous play his instrument with such ease, and from that point there i knew where my road would lead...

The Weapon

I use an Ibanez RG270DX, floyd rose bridge, Wizard II neck (Speedy Neck). My amp of course is a Crate, practice model with effects, great to record with!!

Musical Influences

  • Conrad Simon
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Vivaldi

Favorite Recordings

  • "Vivaldi's Presto" Conrad Simon
  • "Rising Force" Yngwie Malmsteen
  • "Thunderforce" Rhapsody