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Dark Fable

Am I evil? I am Man, yes I am!

A Future Never to Be

Dark Fable is the latest project in mind. Unfortunately I am sad to say it will never truly exist. Not because I don't want it to, but because life is too full of Reality to allow the time and effort to bring forth its birth. However this predestined failure will not persuade me to cease dreaming.


Although the complexity of the sounds (and voices) in my head may be astounding, the transition between the mental and physical realms seems to simplify them to a great extent (ie. these songs suck ass). However with practice I hope to achieve better quality in the future.

Dark Fable - Dark Fable
Dark Fable - Shortcut to Hell

Musical Influences

  • Derrick Baranzini, Alexi Laiho, Dan Swano
  • Six Feet Under, Candlemass, King Diamond
  • Cradle of Filth, The Project Hate, Mystifier

Favorite Recordings

  • The Project Hate: CyberSonic SuperChrist
  • King Diamond: House of God
  • Opeth: Orchid