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My guitars minus one my 1983 Strat

About me

I consider myself an amateur guitarist. I play with a local band about once a month. I am addicted to tube amps.



-2005 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
-2005 Fender American Vintage '57 Stratocaster
-1993 Fender American Stratocaster
-1983 Fender American Strotocaster
-2004 PRS McCarty 10 Top
-2006 Schecter C-1 E/A
-Lawsuit SG
-Les Paul copy

-Gibson 4/10 Medalsit
-Gibson Super Medalist
-Laney AOR Pro-Tube Lead 50
-Univox U-155R
-Epiphone Valve Junior Head
-Behringer V-Tone GMX110 Combo Amp
-Realistic Tube Amp (old vintage tube amp from the 60's)
-Marshall 2x12 Cabinet
-National Solid State Amp

-Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer (with mod)
-Ibanez CS-9 (Original)
-Boss DS-1
-Boss DD-5
-tRager Effects Beefy Booster

Musical Influences

  • Modern Rock: Hinder, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Three Days Grace
  • Classic Rock: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix
  • Blues Roots: Eric Clapton (with Cream), SRV, BB King

Favorite Recordings

  • Blues - Jimi Hendrix