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Hi everybody..!!


I'm new in here.. dunno actually what to write to all my guest here.. ermm.., My name is Adli a.k.a. Deli, I'm 26 years old and one of the blues player from Malaysia (Klang, Selangor). Play my music in club around Malaysia and sometimes gig or concert. just started play guitar with this band thats called 'The Gypsy' since 2003. Was a singer with this band before. And now I hangup with both singing and guitaring. I really love to make friends with any of the musician out there..

We are trying our best now to produce our own record. I'll share couple of the numbers with you guys here.. the type of music surely is blues but we are going to give it a new breed. Just wait and hear it for yourself. We are trying hard to rock the world..!!

I am using :

About my instruments.., I'm using Squier Standard Fat Stratocaster and GV2 for my effect pedal. Pevey 15w amp.. I really want to have a Fender Strat and a Marshall amp but it is very costy here. gosh..

Guitar finishing, modification and action
it takes two weeks to finished that..

Musical Influences

  • Blues (SRV, Hendrix, J. Winter, KWS, Albert King and much more)
  • Rock (Led Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd?? and much more)
  • Others (Earth, Wind and Fire, The Police, Bob Dylan and much more)