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Nick Pinder: Heavy Wood Guitarist!

Hull Jazz Festival 1993

About Me...

Hello, fellow frettists! I've been hangin' around here for a while now so it's time for an update...

Hofner Committee

Too old to rock'n'roll:too young to die!

I'm now 51 years old and have been gigging since 1969. Not famous; never wanted to be. Not rich either; wouldn't have minded that quite so much!

I have played most genres over the years. I started playing classical guitar when I was 12, spent years playing clubs and later cabaret (don't sneer - it's good discipline (and good money!)) formed several original bands, taught privately and for Adult Education classes before settling down to play some jazz.


Various twists of fate meant I had a long lay-off so I'm trying to get my stuff back together. I can't remember all my old fall-back licks so I'm working on some new cliches!

At the moment I'm setting up a computer-based studio in the hope of finally producing something worthwhile. I have always hated studio work; I generally find it disappointing!

Here's a link to some stuff I did with a cover band in 1990. These tracks have been "digitized" from cassette tape so the sound quality is a bit ropey!

Nine Play Hendrix

Here's a link to the last (1992) original stuff I recorded:

Honkies with Attitude

So now you know why I hate studios!

I hope to put up some new stuff once I get my head 'round Cubase!

In case you're wondering: that stuff you can hear (or not!) isn't jazz! Whilst jazz is my main focus I've had to play, and will probably continue to play other stuff too! When I get round to recording some new stuff I'll post it up here for your perusing pleasure!

Best Advice...

As Duke Ellington said; there's only two types of music - good and bad.

Use the heaviest gauge picks and strings that you can manage!

Don't learn chords - learn sequences. Some of the odder alterations sound hideous until resolved!

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Musical Influences

  • Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Django Reinhardt
  • Frank Zappa, Roy Buchanan, Steve Vai
  • Carlos Santana, Hendrix, SRV

Favorite Recordings

  • Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
  • Anything by Zappa,Wes,SRV, B B King, Joe Pass, Segovia, Django...