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Chris Adams

If you don't know what to play, don't play anything. - Miles Davis

Hey - thanks for stopping by. For anyone who's interested, I've been playing guitar for 31 years and have been with my band, Maxwell Stinger's Amazing Rhythm Pigs, for 27. When I'm not bashing through pub-rock gigs I like to practice other stuff. I grew up in the Boston area where I was lucky enough to be able to study guitar with Mick Goodrick, Randy Roos, R.P. Sullivan, David Leisner, and improv with Hankus Netsky, Ran Blake, and Butch Morris. I hope I've picked up a few things along the way that I can share with y'all.

Musically, I'm into everything...GOOD MUSIC PLAYED WELL is what it's all about. With my band, I'm mostly playing straight rock and roll. The music I make for myself is usually pretty free & weird. When I get to practice, I play classical to keep my technique together and bop to expand my "harmonic sensibilities". Every now and then I learn something new.

People who ask about my musical influences usually guess Jerry Garcia (accurate) and *Bill Frisell* (not exactly). I love Bill's playing but I only discovered it after being asked repeatedly if I listened to a lot of Bill Frisell. I guess he and I arrived in a similar place via different routes (and Bill, if you should ever happen to read this, I hope you're not insulted - you're great, I try not to suck - I know my place in the food chain).

For anyone who cares, I've listed a few of my *real* musical influences, by which I mean people whose albums I wore out while stealing their lines and concepts to the best of my ability. I could go on forever if I tried to list everyone I ever learned from but these guys are the main ones, I guess.

Well, enough blah-blah. Hope to get some lessons up soon and I welcome any feedback. Once again, thanks for stopping by. Keep pickin' and grinnin'.

First you have to learn your instrument. Then you practice, practice, practice. But when you get up on the bandstand, you have to forget all that and just wail. - Charlie Parker

Musical Influences

  • Ace Frehley, Angus Young, George Harrison, Jerry Garcia
  • Clapton/Beck, DiMeola/McLaughlin, Fripp/Belew
  • Frank Zappa, Miles Davis

Favorite Recordings

  • KISS Alive II, Back In Black, George Harrison
  • Wheels Of Fire, Wired, Elegant Gypsy, Birds Of Fire, Discipline
  • Apostrophe, Joe's Garage, We Want Miles