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Play to please your self...this is not a trend its a way of life

im taylor

Hello im taylor sanders....i play guitar..thats about it for me...i play instrumental and sweeps are my favorite thing to do. Some of my influnces are Yngwie,Satriani,Vai,Becker,Eric Johnson, you know the instrumentalist

Music=Life 16 years old.In my guitar time ive met alot of good players and alot of really BAD players.Now the good players I envy them they have the same passion for music as i do. Now the bad players.(im not talking about the people that have played for a week) They make me mad. I hate having to sit and listen to some rich kid play smoke on the water on some 3000 Gibson Les paul or a 3400 PRS. It just makes me mad ya know? Like the really hard working players have to sit and listen to them dink around. I mean really it makes me flinch everytime i see a kid drop his guitar case and im reading the side and it says gibson it just makes me sick. If you feel the same way then messege me i have some funny stories to tell you.

Musical Influences

  • Yngwie
  • Vai
  • Satch

Favorite Recordings

  • Serrana
  • Black Star
  • For the love of God