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Rocking Mike's Page

Hey. Welcome to my page.

I'm Mike. I've been playing guitar since 1999, both acoustic and electric. I also play drums since 2004 and have a go on the bass every now and then. I love music ... especially guitar!

I like almost everything

Everything that I like that is! There are so many groups I like to listen to (depending on my mood), but I always try to compose new stuff and in doing it, be as original as posible (quite impossible nowadays).

Musical Influences

  • Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Who.
  • Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Toto,
  • Neil Young, Incubus, Coldplay, anyone really!

Favorite Recordings

  • Wish You Were Here (Pink floyd)
  • Harvest / Sleeps with angels(Neil Young)
  • Science (Incubus).