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The Black Power Ranger


What's up all?
I'm Sean Black.
I'm 15.
I've been playing guitar since i was 11.
I'm a Scene Kid.
That just happens to be a metal head.
I live in F---Town, Georgia.
I love everyone.
I play a Shecter C-1 Semi-Hollow body.
With a s---ty little combo amp.
But I use my buddy's Marshall Half Stack when recording.

Guitar/Music Background

I started studying music in 6th grade in the school band and played saxophone and guitar until the beginning of 8th grade.

In 8th grade i stopped playing saxophone and focused all my attention to my guitar playing.

I got private lessons studying basic Music theory.

In 10th grade I was in a year of music theory class.

I continued getting private lessons and have, for some time, been writing my own music.

Still studying advanced music theory and the application of it to my music.

My Influences are and have been the greats of European Tech/Death Metal and neo-classical composers and guitarists.

If you have time, check out the 3 Influences below.

They are gods.

Musical Influences

  • Muhhamed Suicmez
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Howie Bentley

Favorite Recordings

  • Necrophagist - Only Ash Remains
  • Between The Buried And Me - Mordecai
  • Through The Eyes Of The Dead - To Take Comfort