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Ciaran Parker

Some of my music is on this site. Acoustic fender with a cedar solid top budge priced guitar but surprisingly good sound

Irish Guitarist

I Have been playing guitar for a few years now and like playing electric from blues to folk. I have found the whole note site very educational. I play fenders exclusively. I have a fender dreadnought acoustic and a Telecaster and a Strat

Musical Interests

I like to play flat picking and fingerpicking on the acoustic. On the electric I have begun to immerse myself in the scales and have found that the resources on this site have helped. I have learned more in the last few months since i fould this site than the last few years.

Musical Influences

  • King crimson, Patti Smith,Pink Floyd, Country Joe and the Fish, Caravan, Audience, Neil Young & Buffalow springfield.
  • Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Gracious, velvet underground, Love, Camel, Jimi Hendrix, Fairport Convention, Jefferson Airplane
  • Grateful Dead. Kak, Can, Amundull II, Cream, Camel, Missippi John Hurt,

Favorite Recordings

  • Dead Live in Europe. The misunderstood - before the dream faded. Gracious Gracious!
  • Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Wolf People Steeple.
  • Dylan Blood on the tracks. love forever changes, Audience the house on the hill, neil young -neil young