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If the Pigs Move Slowly Then Let Fly The Arrows

Thousand Yard Stare

Let's warm up the machines...

Rhythm guitar, vocals and writer doing everything from country to jazz currently looking to found an original acid-space-metal project with other talents.

~ Put the power tools in the bathtub ~

Bent on unleashing all out sonic and visual attack with large bore weaponry. Big band or trio, whatever clicks and lets us go through the rabbit hole and emerge on the other side.

Metal is the closest category to my taste unless there is an all or most category.

Been playing for 20 years, still humbled by teenagers on occasion. I am totally behind writing and recording and finally the voices kept telling me to take it to the streets.

Check out more up close stuff at Two Tone Studios and feel free to send words and sounds anytime.

Musical Influences

  • Hawkwind, Floyd, Metallica, Priest
  • Radiohead, Sabbath, Ozric, Zeppelin
  • Reed, Hendrix, Cardboard Vampires

Favorite Recordings

  • The Space Ritual
  • Live At Pompeii
  • Electric Ladyland