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Hi Everyone a little about me, I'm from the UK,my interests other than playing the guitar & music are Clay Pigeon Shooting, I've represented England & Great Britian, Golf (2) Handicap.

My passion for music started at a young age,I've played the guitar on & off for a few years,but only recently become addicted to the instrument.

I first started playing in my early teens but as I got older beer, girls & cars took over :D.For some strange reason now,as soon as I wake up I'm thinking about guitars,is that good or bad ?.

Gear And Musical Preferences

Gear : Ibanez Roadstar II, Laney PL 100 Twin Amp,Digitech RPX400 Ibanez RG370DX, Digitech Metal Master.

I'll listen to pretty much anything except (Rap), but my true preference is Rock.

As a youngster my first recolection of music were the "War of the Worlds" & "White Mansions" Albums of my parents, which I listened to repeatadly and ended up knowing them both word for word & note for note.

Musical Influences

  • Joe Satriani
  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Gary Moore

Favorite Recordings

  • Queensryche "Mindcrime" "Empire"
  • All Of Queens Music