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Midlife ADD

My Midlife obsession

Like alot of guitar players I started playing as a kid but for many years all I had to show for it was parts of alot of my favorite songs.Five years ago I started going to church and decided to try to learn some of the songs I heard there and that was the beggining of my midlife adventure.Now I can play lots of songs in different genres and my understanding of basic theory is getting better-I can site read a little.So I am always looking for new projects to work on but there are not enough hours in the day but that wont keep me from trying

Musical Influences

  • Lynryrd Skynryd
  • Santana/europa
  • Eagles

Favorite Recordings

  • SRV/Texas Flood
  • Skynryd/One more from the road
  • Tommy Emmanuel/Endless road