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I Gotta Rock!!

Welcome. I am hard pressed to decide what type of music I focus on. I play Beatles, Rush, Classical and am now learning Jazz. I think classical music rocks and nothing is groovier than jazz. The Beatles and Rush dabble in both somewhat, but not enough for my satisfaction.

Personal info:

I am an advanced player only because of my scale/mode and theory knowledge, but my repatoire is lacking. You can email me here, or at I would love to meet someone in the Lynnwood/Edmonds/Shoreline area to jam with. Willing to teach Beatles and Rush tunes in exchange for Blues and Jazz tunes.

Musical Influences

  • The Beatles - Lennon/McCartney
  • Rush - Alex Lifeson
  • Yngwie Malmsteen

Favorite Recordings

  • Revolver/Rubber Soul - The Beatles
  • All of Rush's albums - yes, all of them!
  • Brandenburg Concertos - J.S. Bach