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Metal Student

Welcome my Metal brothers and sisters!

Hello all, thank you for taking the interest you've expressed in my page. I'm just another metal fan wanting to teach and learn. Beginners can sometimes teach the teacher themself a little something else, so you never know what little things you can learn on your way to becoming a master. I'm not near that level, but I'd say I'm a bit more advanced than a lot of people around here anyway, which isn't saying much to begin with to be honest.

Music and contact

My top 5 are currently: Iced Earth, Symphony X, Spastic Ink, Megadeth, and Demons and Wizards. My music is located at . This is music I've made using my computer and a drum machine, but I haven't yet had the chance to unleash full capability. My AIM name is downstone, and my yahoo is icethatdamnclown. Please feel free to contact me to chat or talk theory. Take care to all, and keep on practicin'.

Musical Influences

  • Demons and Wizards
  • Spastic Ink
  • Joe Satriani

Favorite Recordings

  • Fiddler on the Green
  • Multi Masking
  • Circles