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Greetings From New Mexico

Glad You're Here

I am glad you have joined us all here at WholeNote. So many great resouces here, and always glad to have a few more.

I have been playing guitar since the mid-sixties (age 11) when my Dad got me started on an old Kay. He listened to alot of guitar music (although he didn't play) so I grew up listening to Chet Atkins, Wes Montgomery, and Juan Mercadal (classical).

My influences, in order,: Phil Keaggy, Chet Atkins, Larry Cartlton, Steve Morse, Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Alan Holdsworth, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Peter Green, SRV, Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana, and U2 (Joshua Tree, in particular)

I own a 1967 Guild Starfire V and a 1972 Gibson J-50 Deluxe.

I like to play everyting from classical, to jazz, to rock, to blues, to metal. I have studied formally, off and on, and have played in a few small bands, done solo work, played behind vocalists, and just generally tried to grow in my total musical experience over the years.

My Focus and Purpose

I love playing guitar and conversing with other guitar players. I enjoy listening to all players, even if just momentary, just to hear what they have to say. I appreciate the gift in each player, even though I may not totally relate. I also enjoy learning about equipment and how to improve my sound.

My personal goal is to continue to improve, because I believe you never reach the end of the musical journey. But ultimately, when I play, I hope to please the Lord Jesus, and to lift the eyes and ears of all who hear to focus on Him. In that, my intent is that hope, peace and joy will be imparted as creation communes with Creator. My greatest desire is that I will be a tool in the hand of the Creator.

Musical Influences

  • Phil Keaggy
  • Chet Atkins
  • Larry Carlton

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by Phil Keaggy but especially 1) Wind and The Wheat, 2) Find Me In These Fields 3) Master & The Musician 4) Play Thru Me & 5) Town to Town
  • Larry Carlton 1) On Solid Ground 2) Renegade Gentleman 3) Discovery 4) Alone But Never Alone
  • Beatles Sgt. Peppers & Abbey Road, Any Cream, Any Hendrix,